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    Team FRX

    We want you!

    FRX Gaming is a community of players. And Team FRX is part of that. That’s why we want all members of our pro team, our events staff and our contributors to the site to be from that community of gamers. We want your voice to be heard and your skills to be shown. 


    We're looking for amazing talented players to form part of the new Team FRX pro team. You could compete in Call of Duty, League of Legends or even Titanfall. You've just got to be the best.


    We want to ensure that our members aren't just reading the opinions of the few. There are so many different perspectives on gaming and different types of players. We want to hear from all of them.

    Event Staff

    The tournaments we run wouldn't be a success without the amazing support of our FRX staff. If you're interested in being involved with helping organise and run one of our tournaments, let us know.


    Have you got amazing content, game plays, footage, or just mad skills? We always want to hear from you and see what you're playing. Send us anything you think the world needs to see.