Of course you can! We welcome submissions of all kinds. Got a kickass clip? Just tag us in it on our social media – @FRXeSports. If you have a written review, commentary or any other piece of content you’d like uploaded onto the site, then just email us at contact@frxgaming.co.uk and we’ll get back in touch.

Absolutely, we take ownership of all material very seriously. We always credit whomever supplies us with the latest and greatest written materials, videos and pictures. If you have any concerns at all, just email us at contact@frxgaming.co.uk

Okay, so obviously you get access to all of FRX’s top-notch content and are able to comment (via your social media account) absolutely for free whenever you like. We want to make sure that this is always free. 

However, if you’d like to form a team and be able to compete in our tournaments, either online or in person, then you’ll need an account. This is just so we can validate you as a real player, and ensure that we balance our tournaments. Plus it means we know who to send the prizes to! 

To create an account is a super-easy process. Using the icon on the navigation bar, enter your details to register or log-in. Then you’re good to go! 

Very easily. Just register for an account using the sign-up process on the website. From there you’re able to register a team, and invite a team and invite other users of our site to form the members of that team. 

Then just register which platform(s) you’re on and search for all available online tournaments on our Events page! 

That very much depends on the tournament. Most online tournaments allow you to accrue FRX points to get discounts and enter into higher level tournaments. 

For our live tournament events, all prizes will be posted on the site and social media in advance, so you can see exactly what you’re fighting for. 

FRX has always been a premier gaming community ever since its conception when we first started on Call of Duty: Black Ops III, slaying noobs and taking swag. Now we’re a little more mature, we love to have more people involved in our work We may be posting roles occasionally on our Jobs page, but if you’re a writer or reviewer and would like to be involved, or would like to help out at one of our events, then please just give us an email at contact@frxgaming.co.uk.

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