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    FRX Gaming Community

    Rated U for Universal.

    What is FRX Gaming

    Learn More About Us

    FRX Gaming was born out of three friends enjoying one of their favourite hobbies
    together: video games. However, unlike most clans, it was more than just a vehicle
    for multiplayer connectivity. There is a passion and drive behind FRX to introduce
    the world to our particular view on the spirit of video games, and ensure that as
    many people as possible are engaging with this wonderful hobby. Our view is one of

    What the FRX Gaming website intends to do, is to give gamers a platform on which
    to air their views on various new, old and classic games, or tell us about their
    thoughts on the wider issues associated with gaming. Rather than have a full time
    writing staff like many review sites, which often pursue their own agendas, we want
    to hear what the communities have to say. And that’s why we’re also running
    tournament events, as we feel that often players feel disenfranchised by professional
    eSports teams who often play at levels the common player might never hope to
    achieve. But that’s not what gaming is about. Gaming is about everyone who fancies
    it having the chance to play in an event and go for glory with all the fanfare; for
    everyone to use their passion for their hobby to help others, and to hopefully make
    some friends and have a fantastic time in the process.

    FRX Gaming aims for all of this. It aims to be the universal gaming platform, covering
    all and welcoming all.

    Checkout Some Of



    FRX is proud to run amateur 1-Day events and tournaments. If you’re an experienced competitive player, or have never set foot in the competitive world before, join us and go for glory!


    We love stash! And in our eStore, you can buy any and all FRX-related merchandise, whether that’s for our pro-team or our events. Every FRX player should have their own jersey!

    The Debrief

    The Debrief is the best way to keep up with all the new releases, commentaries and reviews from the gaming world! Make sure you’re up-to-date!

    Live Streaming

    Outside of our events and articles, you can always catch one of our member community streaming their activity on our Twitch channel! We cover all sorts of games there, click here to check it out!

    Team FRX

    These few, these happy few, this band of brothers are FRX Gaming’s pro-team. These guys are good, like REALLY good. Head to their homepage on the site to keep up with their progress and news.

    Online Tournaments

    As well as our 1-Day events we also run online tournaments for our members! Make sure you keep up with the latest news on our events page.


    Some of our Customers Reviews!!



    The Half-life series has always been close to my heart – Half-life 1 was one of the first games I ever played, certainly the first that wove a narrative into the gameplay. I can still remember playing it after findingRead More

    Earlier this year, I eagerly watched videos of walkthroughs about a new release from Guerrilla Games, called Horizon Zero Dawn. In the trailers, the staged showings looked promising, more than promising; offering a game environment which encompassed a badass warriorRead More

    Meet Some Of


    Jose Diaz

    UX Lead
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    Tom Miller

    Tom takes care of FRX Gaming’s creative side. Along with editing all the content on the site, all Youtube and social media is looked after by him and every so often he stops playing Overwatch long enough to commentate on some eSports. His favourite game of all time is Shadow of the Colossus, which he uses to hide the fact he once 100%ed Quidditch World Cup during one particularly dark weekend.

    Ben Thomas

    Ben is FRX Gaming’s organiser-in-chief. He deals with the events, the website and even writes a bit every now and then! His preferred titles to play are Call of Duty, Titanfall 2 and League of Legends. Despite being pretty awful at LoL, his Hardpoint average time more than makes up for it!

    Julie Taylor

    Marketing Manager
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